It’s been a while since we were in contact, so I wanted to give all our followers and supporters a quick update on what we have been up to.

For the past 12months our team has been focusing on refining the CAS Splint product and systems with industry experts to ensure we have the ultimate product for you.  In addition to a few very small changes, we have also spent time establishing some brilliant new distribution partnerships, so we can reach everyone in Australia! (you can see them here:

We now have our Patents sorted and our CAS Splint is travelling around the world with potential partners in the USA, South Korea, Singapore and Malaysia. This is very exciting for our humble South Australia business.

We have continued to work with local companies to refine our business operations and I am very pleased to say we are ready to go! You can now purchase the CAS Splint through our great Stockists and Distributors. And if you want the CAS Splint stocked in your local chemist, sport store or camping store, you can contact our distributors directly, or let us know.

Thanks again for everyone’s support and we are very much looking forward to the next steps as a business.

Scott Blackburn – MD